Comprehensive, Science-Based
Water Policy for Florida

Protecting Florida Water

Working together to ensure Florida has enough clean water to nourish plants and wildlife, serve residential and commercial needs, protect natural springs and waterways, and preserve the unique quality of life that makes Florida special.

Committed To Conservation

The H2O Coalition is a statewide water policy advocacy organization focused on maintaining a smart, sustainable balance between consumption and long-term conservation of Florida’s most precious natural resource.

Clean Water For All Floridians

Florida is the fastest growing state in the nation with an ever increasing demand for water. The H2O Coalition supports innovative solutions to protect watersheds, wildlife habitat and fresh drinking water for 22 million Floridians.

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Lake Okeechobee
And The

Common Sense Water Management

Florida has made major investments in infrastructure to better store and manage water around Lake Okeechobee and replenish the Everglades.


Proven Technology, Protecting Florida’s Everglades

Water storage north of the Lake, new reservoirs to its east and west and proven technologies such as Underground Injection Control and other water advanced management systems are essential to meet the needs of the environment, agriculture and residential users alike.

A water drop, containing a shoreline with trees.

2020 Clean Waterways Act

Protecting Water Quality & Conserving Natural Resources

Water is Florida’s most valuable natural resource, and clean water is a top priority. SB 712, passed in 2020, transformed the way we protect Florida’s waterways for future generations

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Invests In
Water Treatment
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Florida is Home to More Than 1,000 Springs

Healthy springs support diverse ecosystems, including wildlife like the Florida Manatee while strengthening local economies. Our drinking water supply depends on clean, fresh spring water.

Backed By Science

We support state funding for science-based programs and projects to improve water quality and quantity of Florida’s major first-magnitude springs.

Spring Recovery

The coalition also supports Governor Desantis’ proposal for Springs Recovery efforts and back efforts by farmers to use innovative practices that protect springs and agriculture.


Working Together To CONSERVE Water

We back efforts to dedicate funding to meet Florida’s water supply needs through public-private partnerships or other innovative approaches that can secure the water supply without raising taxes.


Common Sense Water Policy

Florida also needs policies which recognize challenges associated with stormwater and other water supply management, such as underground storage, during a declared state of emergency.

Water Disposal

What is Underground Injection Control (UIC)?

In Florida, UIC is a common technology that has been in use since the 1960s by municipalities, counties and industry to safely dispose of pre-treated wastewater and excess stormwater into self-contained geologic formations deep underground.

The geologic formations where wastewater is disposed are deep underground and are separated from drinking water sources by naturally occurring confining units (typically thick sequences of impermeable rocks and clays).

Regulated and monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), UIC is an important, environmentally friendly alternative to releasing pre-treated water into surface water bodies, streams and rivers.

UIC deep well disposal provides an important water management option to reduce surface water discharges and provides a higher level of protection to surface water bodies from wastewater spills caused by storms or other natural events.

About The
Florida H20

Our Mission

Florida is home to more than 7,700 lakes, 10,550 miles of rivers and more than 1,000 springs — not to mention more than 2,000 miles of coastline.

The Florida H2O Coalition is a statewide group of dedicated individuals and organizations working to protect Florida’s water quality and quantity for future generations.

From Pensacola to the Florida Keys, we advocate for comprehensive, science-based water policies that are both economically and technically feasible and which balance the needs of Florida’s businesses, residents and our environment.